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Become a Highly Profitable Entrepreneur
In Just 90 days


Redefining Entrepreneurship

We provide financial services and we trained, coached and mentored individuals to build a business from scratch through our proven entrepreneurship blueprint within 90 days.

Master high income skill

We trained you A-Z, from product knowledge, 7-figure entrepreneurial mindset to both online and offline social selling skills in just 90 days.

Unlimited Community Support

We have over 150 active members who're here to support your entrepreneurial journey, providing you ideas, guides and even teams to work on this business together.

Proven Business Model

Our business model has over 5 years of track record, proven to enable individuals from all types of backgrounds to achieve success, earning 5, 6 to 7 figures of income every year.



Finno financial was founded in the year 2017 by Mr. Woode Woo, together with a group of committed entrepreneurs that have the same visions and missions; to bring better protection, peace of mind and wealth for the public.

Our goal is to re-define the way we build entrepreneurs, to develop 300 highly profitable entrepreneurs and leaders within 3 years. 

With our unique and powerful “Business Triangle” framework, we believe that every committed individual can transform themselves from ordinary to become extraordinary in their personal, professional and financial life.

Here's what we believe in the company:

The Best of Finno

Over 87 million Sales

Our team has generated over 82 million of sales using our golden triangle proven financial advisory business in just over the past 2 years and ranked among the top 3 in Malaysia.

Speed Matters

100 members have just doubled their income within 90 days after using our unique coaching and business building blueprint.

Over 50% closing rate 

Our golden triangle financial advisory process is designed to add value to our customers, that will helped our customers to save more cost with more added benefits. 

1 on 1 Coaching

You'll be assigned to work with a coach, that will hand-hold you, from delivering a presentation, marketing to joining field work with you so that you'll be able to learn on the spot, in real time.

Financial Support

During these 90 days, we'll have financial support (Salary) that is payable from the company, up to 24 months of the contract, ranging from RM 3,000 - RM 8,000 depending on your qualification. 

In other words, you get PAID while building a business. How cool is that!

Multiple Streams of Income

Not only we focus on helping you to be profitable, but we also share with you how Finno business model works, which would help extend your 2nd, 3rd and 4th income sources as you build the business.

Leadership Training

For you to accelerate your business growth, you'll also have an opportunity to lead, build a team which then in return, get rewarded financially through our unique, fair and direct overriding incentives.

Incentive Trips

Finno awards people who put in the effort with commitment. The moment you achieve your goal, we'll also reward our members with local and international trips, all-inclusive and to fulfill your travel dream all these years.

Recognition and Award

Get recognition, locally and globally in our financial advisory industry, and celebrate your success together with the others every time.

Woode Woo

"We want to redefine entrepreneurship in the financial industry, protecting individuals' income, giving them total peace of mind at the same time build great like-minded entrepreneurs." - Woode Woo, Founder of FINNO Financial

What Do You Desire In Life?

Make your moment count! If this platform sounds like an exciting career opportunity that resonates with you, let's connect and see how Finno can collaborate and work with you. We'll contact you within 48 hours after receiving your information below. Let's talk!

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