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About Us

Redefining Entrepreneurship

Finno is more than a financial advisory company, we’re a team of highly committed individuals of advocates who are passionate about giving Malaysians the solution they need in the area of health insurance. 

The fact is that most people can save 20% - 50% of their health care cost from the existing insurance policy, yet most people do not know how and why they bought their insurance policy.

We demonstrate our professional services through a thorough policy health check, review and educate our customers to save more at the same time cover more! 

We ensure our clients have sufficient Fund where both your medical and living expenses can be covered so that you or your loved ones have total peace of mind during recovery.

The team that we call FINNO nation are the ones who make it all happen. We do all this anchored by love, transparency and responsibility – for both our clients and our members.

Our Journey

Ever since our establishment in 2017, there have been two words we live by – Redefining Entrepreneurship.

Our passion is to build solid and profitable entrepreneurs through helping Malaysians in achieving their financial goals in the area of health, insurance and investment.  

Our commitment is to help any ordinary individual to start a new business that requires little or minimal capital, providing financial support and a proven business model that will become profitable within 90 days.

If you want more out of life, Finno is the place to unleash your strength and talent, to help you become the best version of yourself in the entrepreneurial world.

Together, we help to solve real-world's financial problems by helping Malaysians to achieve their financial goals.

Our Vision

To re-invent how people build business, lead by example and inspire others.

Our Mission

To re-defining entrepreneurship by building 500 successful leaders in 2 years. 



We believe everyone deserves to achieve freedom in their lives, personally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.


Innovation is the edge that can lead to bigger opportunities, improve and take our business to the new height in today's fast-changing world.


We embrace new changes, new norms and new environments. That's what we believe in, to create new heights, results and a new level of business in the company.


Each individual has their own strength and gift. We believe giving our best to the world and to become the best version of ourselves is the best thing that could happen in our life.


Every entrepreneur is an opportunist. We became the catalyst and the change we want to see to add value to our customers at the same time provide continuous training and mentoring for our team.

Our Achievement

We are very proud of our members who have made it to the top in the financial advisory industry. Below are some of our achievements where we help our members to achieve within 90 days.

Our Team

We're committed to building tomorrow leaders and trained them to become the top 10% of the financial advisory industry. Here're our core team members who are making these things happening.

Woode Woo

Woode Woo

Founder and Senior Director

Isabelle Seow


Ng Kok Loong

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